Mrs. von Foerster sees patients throughout the Willamette Valley.

Phone: (503) 365-7554

Fax: (503) 364-4872


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The Practice

Marilyn von Foerster is a physical therapist with a focus on posture and spinal health. A native of Salem, OR, she sees patients in their home and work environment, rather than in a clinic, in order to accurately evaluate their movement habits. These habits are the source of most chronic back pain. After evaluation of habits, furniture design, and exercise regimen, von Foerster teaches patients the essentials of trunk coordination and stabilization. She then designs a personalized exercise and postural reeducation program to incorporate the basics of back health into all activities.

“Marilyn sees things that you don't realize you are doing that are actually causing your problem.” 

                                        - Nancy W.