Patient Talk

"Marilyn zeroed in on the problem immediately"

“I was referred to Marilyn by a close friend.  He claimed she was a remarkable Physical Therapist.  I have had pain in the hip flexor area for months.  Marilyn zeroed in on the problem immediately.  She showed me how the problem was perpetuated by things I was doing at home, like how I got up from my chair and how I got out of bed-- even how I rolled in bed.  The greatest help was learning how to use my abdominal muscles when I roll and get up. Through exercise and strengthening  exercises, I am now pain free in that area.”

- Clara


Walking and dancing again after brain injury

“Marilyn got me to walking again. I know she would say, "No YOU did all the work." September 20, 2012 I was in a head-on collision in my Toyota Camry.  After four months in a coma, I awoke on January 18th, 2003.  I was in the care facility for another three months, and got released to Mom's wheelchair accessible house. I soon entered the Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon for 10 days until I was able to negotiate independently with a walker and returned home.  Marilyn then began working with me until I was walking and even dancing around the house unassisted.  I am currently employed and live on my own independently. Cheers Marilyn for some excellent work.”

- Laura S.


"This is liberating"

“Marilyn sees things that you don't realize you are doing that are actually causing your problem. She shows little ways to make changes that make the movements healthy and stop the pain. She gives strengthening and coordination exercises to reinforce the new movement habits so you can get on with your life. She spots things that would otherwise lead to a chronic problem and which may elevate into a serious problem in the future. This is liberating.”

- Nancy W.


Improvement in physical daily life

“We love Marilyn, she came to our home and gave us great instructions on how to improve our physical life style. From the proper way of getting out of bed in the morning till going to bed at night. She helped us rearrange our kitchen cabinets to make it easier to access our cooking utensils. She showed us how to properly sit in our lounging chairs and computer desk. She gave us exercises to improve our posture. Marilyn is a very caring woman and we highly recommend her as a physical therapist.”

- Doug and Clara W.


Guidance, knowledge, patience and kindness

“The Fall of 2012 Marilyn taught me how to lift myself at 160 lbs. up and off of the floor. 6 weeks later she taught me how to strengthen my body so I could place it anywhere on the bed that it needed to be. Her guidance and knowledge; her patience and kindness helped me through the cancer surgery and rehabilitation. I have an early version of her BackTpack and am grateful for it. I am now 82 and because of my surgery am down to 97 pounds. Two months ago I was diagnosed with full bloom Osteoporosis due in part to years of taking the wrong kind of medicine. My aim now is to increase my strength and increase my weight. I still have pictures that are on my present cellphone to remind me the proper way to do these exercises. I am grateful for her knowledge and kindness and for her being in my life.”

- Kate R.


Fifty more years of easy movement

“I have had very little soreness in my back and hip since your help.  If I do sense it, adjusting my posture and tightening the abdominal floor muscles takes care of it almost instantly!

Thank you so much for the "easy" fix.  There had been so many before you with good intentions in their area of expertise; however they all missed the mark. Sometimes I believe they don't actually take in the big picture, nor are they aware of the true cause and effects of the condition.  How wonderful and wise you are to observe the people in their normal environments.

This has been an issue for me since I was 12 … 50 years, and now I feel like I will be able to enjoy moving around for the next 50!”

- Carole W.


Restored hope

“Marilyn pulled me out of a depressing physical situation as I was attempting to get back on my feet after six weeks of muscle spasms.  I had nearly given up hope that I would ever be able to live a normal life again. She has such an enthusiastic, optimistic,  and sensible approach to her work.  She managed to encourage and help me with exercises, improvements in posture, learning how to protect my back by moving well, always patiently willing to come up with creative solutions to my problems: if one thing didn’t work, she would find something else to try until she found just the right helpful exercise. I feel immensely grateful that she came into my life and I am now back to my normal activities with a better understanding of how to pay attention to what my body is telling me instead of ignoring it.  Thank you, Marilyn, for all you have done for me.  You are truly amazing!”

- Bev


Well worth it

“I am doing very, very well with my back. My legs are getting stronger and I am moving around easier. The out of pocket was well worth the pain relief!”

- Holly M.

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